Crowdfunding to Bring Eternal Darkness Sequel

Back during the GameCube’s heyday, Eternal Darkness was all the rage. At a time when survival horror was just gaining momentum, Silicon Knights’ psychological thriller was wild and considered a fan favorite by many. Yet for all of its success, it never earned itself a sequel — which is odd considering its acclaim and the fact that the media industry at large just loves them some sequels.

Thus when IGN recently shared a teaser trailer for what they called a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, the interwebs lit up with excitement. The successor, entitled Shadow of the Eternals, is apparently a crowdfunded title from Precursor Games. According to early reports, Denis Dyack is also involved with the project, and in case you missed it, Mr. Dyack just so happens to have been the president of the renowned but now defunct Silicon Knights.

Shadow of the Eternals’ crowdfunding campaign kicks off next week on May 6. While counting down the day, be sure to check out the teaser trailer here.