High Voltage Software’s Latest Game es Muy Bueno

We first told you about High Voltage Software’s mobile games back in March. Now, just in time to let you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, their killer cartoony game is available for download. Zoombies: Animales de la Muerta! gives the zombie genre a twist with a zoo full of slithering, crawling and walking dead. Elephants and penguins are just the beginning.


Players take the role of Marco or Maria, two adorable little kids with just a hint of crazy in their eyes. They are visiting a Mexican zoo when all of a sudden, they’re invaded by zombie animals. Armed with hatchets, roman candles, and even a trained chupacabra you attack these gruesome beasts by tracing a line on your screen for the weapon to follow. Not only must you defeat the enemies but complete other missions that pop up. Some include saving non-infected animals from the horde.

The kids are cute and the animals appear cuddly but this is far from tame. Hopefully your stomach is strong enough to handle the amount of blood, gore and brains. Zoombies adds a lot of humor to the gross gameplay and fans can’t get enough. Check it out now on iTunes and you won’t be able to put it down.