It’s Officially Official: Final Fantasy IV is Now on All Systems Ever, Including the NES

It’s no secret that people like Final Fantasy IV. Judging by the amount of systems it’s on, we’re going to assume that people really, really like Final Fantasy IV. But, just when you thought it had already come out to every single, solitary console, it pops up on the Famicom. Yep, you read that correctly: we said the Famicom. As in the Nintendo — the original one. Now, this is where things get interesting: this rendition of the game isn’t just crammed onto one NES cartridge. Nope, in a fashion made famous by Square Enix themselves, the title spans three, repeat three, cartridges.

Each cartridge contains part of the game’s tale. The first one, entitled Final Fantasy: Dark Chapter, tells the story of Cecil becoming a paladin, while the second, Light Chapter, picks up from the game’s Ancient Waterway dungeon. Finally, the last installment, aptly dubbed Final Fantasy: Final Chapter, picks up from where the airship crashes in the underworld. The game does a pretty nice job at re-telling the original title’s story, but does alter a few things along the way, such as not giving players an airship on which to travel, rather chocobos and a series of portals to transport them around to various locations on the world map.

Now, a Final Fantasy game being remade as an NES title isn’t a wholly new concept. For starters, it’s already been done with Final Fantasy V, VII and X. But the difference between those version and this IV iteration is simple: this de-make is actually playable, and enjoyable. Solid 8-bit graphics, an impressive localization and an experience that is fairly bug-free makes it sort of fun to re-experience the classic in NES form.

For those interested, check out the videos and full story here, and the screenshots right below. If nothing else, Final Fantasy fans will get a kick out of the misplaced FF characters splattered all over the manuals and case. Nevertheless, it’s still quite the feat that a team of dedicated fans put this much time and effort into a project such as this.