Stinky Footboard Meets Goals, Gets Toehold In Industry

For those of you that don’t remember the Stinky Footboard, it is a gaming peripheral for the PC that was designed to improve upon reaction time and give gamers a literal leg up on the competition. It also had a very silly name. Well, apparently they knew what they were doing because the Stinky Footboard recently met its Kickstarter goal. While it was close, SteLuLu Technologies managed to raise all $75,000 of its target amount, meaning the foot based controller should soon find its way to the market.

The main appeal of the device is that you can map specific commands to the four different buttons on the Stinky Footboard, saving gamers precious seconds needed to locate particularly cumbersome commands on their keyboard. They are currently advertising it as being particularly useful in MOBAs, RTSs, MMOs, and other acronym based genres with more command keys than you have fingers. Those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign but are interested in the peripheral aren’t completely out of luck, as the Stinky Footboard will be available this June for the price of $119. You might want to wait until the early reviews are in to confirm if it is worth it, but if it can improve reaction time even marginally I imagine it will find an audience in the competitive gaming crowd.