Steam Celebrates May 4 With 66% Off Star Wars Games

May The Fourth Be With You is upon us, and in a gaming e-store not too far away from one’s desktop, you can save a ton of money on Stars Wars games. From now until May 6, you can save 66% on every Star Wars games available on the Steam client. This means you can get Battlefront II or Jedi Academy for $3.39, while each Force Unleashed game is only $6.79. A slew of older games are only $1.69, and both KOTOR games are $3.39. If you’d like to get every game, that will cost you $50, and it’s only 50% off as opposed to 66%, but it saves you a few bucks compared to buying each game separately. The best games to pick up are definitely Battlefront II, Jedi Academy, and the KOTORs — although getting the Force Unleashed series for under $15 is fairly tempting as well.