Doritos Crash Course Sequel Coming This Wednesday to XBLA

Major Nelson announced today that that the sequel to Doritos Crash Course will be hitting XBLA on May 8, for the wonderful price of free.  The original was a great Track and Field-style game, but with far more skill and timing required. This looks like more of the same, but with better visuals and slightly more odd locales. It made sense to have athletic competitions in a brightly-lit Japan in the first game.

Why an island that appears to be full of pirates and/or their blunder would want to stage one I have no idea. But hey, it looks awesome and appears to have a lot of stuff going on in the background, so why not? For free, it’s impossible not to recommend downloading Crash Course 2 and spending a few hours on it – you’ll not only have some fun, but get some achievements as well.