Guy Almost Wipes Out Computer Trying Oculus Rift VR

While waiting in line at trade shows and events to get some hands-on time with the Oculus Rift VR can be a timely quest, the wait time is almost always alleviated by watching other’s reactions to trying on the hardware for the first time. While there’s a lot of unintentional movement, swinging and gestures, perhaps nothing can match seeing someone outside of the industry give it a go. That’s exactly what Mississippi resident ibarakprefecture did when he had his seemingly average joe co-worker Brandon try out the Rift with a roller coaster program.

Brandon swings all around the room exclaiming with shock as he took the trip on the rails, almost knocking down his computer and smashing into a wall in the process. It’s funny stuff and can be seen below. Fear not, though, as he gets a chance at redemption in a second video.