Humble Double Fine Bundle Launches

The Humble Bundle is back with Double Fine-only bundle that offers up one game that’s been in bundles before in Psychonauts, as well as several that haven’t and lets you pre-order a game or even buy a shirt! The Humble Double Fine Bundle lets you name your price for Costume Quest, Psychonauts, and Stacking, while paying more than the average of about $8 gets you Brutal Legend, $35 gets you their Kickstarted Double Fine Adventure now known as Broken Age, and $70 gets you a shirt.

Everything but Stacking, Broken Age, and the T-shirt includes an OST and all of the games included ooze personality. Psychonauts remains a lot of fun, while Costume Quest is an interesting RPG and Stacking is a somewhat bizarre, but fun game. Brutal Legend is a glorious beat-em-up/RTS hybrid with hilarious voiceover work. All of the games are definitely worth spending more than the average for, but they’ve also either been super-cheap for years in the form of BL, or available for free or close to it in the form of everything but Broken Age.