Phosphor Games’ Kickstarter Project on Hold

Project Awakened had huge plans with its customizable everything. You would get to build your character in any conceivable way before setting out in story mode. Unfortunately, funding had not been met by the deadline and the project is currently on hold. All who backed the game will be refunded.

Progress seemed to be moving at a steady pace only a couple of months ago. The company’s CEO, Justin Corcoran promised that “while we are a bit beat up, we are not defeated. Someday, somehow, we will make this game.” Phosphor Games has to focus on creating actual paying projects. Funding a Kickstarter campaign can be difficult; there’s no telling what could happen to make it unsuccessful. Maybe the word hadn’t spread enough, lack of updates or even unwanted rewards for backers could be a factor. Whatever the case may be, hopefully the game will be able to get back on its feet.