PS Store Update Goes Live

This week’s update to the PlayStation Store is now available on your system(s) of choice or online. This week’s update brings some classics to the forefront, with Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly hitting for the PS2, and three new games hitting the PS1 Classics’ import section. Two new bundles are available, with Papo and Yo’s game and OST bundle costing $12, and Karateka’s costing $8. If you’re a Plus member, Papo and Yo’s bundle gets dropped to $9, while Sleeping Dogs joins the Instant Game Collection for free.  It’s a lean week for demos, with only Fuse joining the fray.

There are a variety of price drops available, with AC III costing $40, it’s Gold bundle costing $70, the Vita incarnation costing $27, and a bundle of the PS3 and Vita games costing $90 instead of $120. Doom 3: BFG Edition is $20, while all of Fallout 3’s DLC is down to $5 each.  Retro City Rampage is on sale for $7.50, which gets you both the PS3 and Vita versions since it’s a cross-buy game. There aren’t a ton of absolutely amazing sales, but Sleeping Dogs is a great freebie, and the discount on Papo and Yo’s game and OST pack makes it an easy recommendation to buy if you haven’t done so already.