You Should Give 42 Light Years Some Money

There’s a lot of stuff on Kickstartagogo these days. Of course that is an imaginary site that only exists in my mind and is an amalgamation of Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo. While that site isn’t real, Indiegogo is, and every now and again a game idea gets pitched on the site that turns my head and makes me intrigued. In this case, that game is 42 Light Years. 42 Light Years stood out almost immediately to me because of the captivating art style and the proposed method of puzzle solving within the game. If you check out the campaign page, you’ll see that the game is based around the concept of opening time spheres around the character. You can then manipulate these spheres by tilting them forward or backward to shift move any object within the sphere backward or forward through time.

The developers have even made mention that this could include past and future versions of yourself. So maybe you reach a puzzle where there’s a hungry alien, and you go back in time to a point where you didn’t already eat your space sandwich. Now even though that isn’t a verified example of gameplay from 42 Light Years (it should be) it can hopefully give you an idea of the kind of cool stuff that is possible within the framing of the concept.

Huxi Games has given themselves until the 20th of this month to raise $9000 dollars, and if the internet does it’s magic, they could have that cash in no time. With donations of just $5 being rewarded with a copy of the game, it is definitely a low risk venture to get involved in. Hopefully they raise the money they need, because this looks really damn interesting.