Indie Gala Tropico Bundle Now Available

Yesterday kicked off the newest Humble Bundle, but the Indie Gala folks are out to please a different set of folks – namely those with a craving for sim/strategy gaming. The Indie Gala Tropico bundle has launched and lets you pay what you want for Tropico Reloaded, while paying $1 gets you a Steam key, and paying more than about $4 presently gets you Tropico 3’s special edition, and a tad more than $7 gets you Tropico 4’s special edition. Everything activates on Steam, and paying for Tropico 4 also gets you the other games as well.

If you’re like me and haven’t played a Tropico game yet, this is the perfect gateway into the series since you can pay whatever you want to get one version of the game, and pay more within the next week if it’s to your liking. Just Tropico alone would normally cost you $7, with T3 costing $10, and T4 clocking in at $30 – so it may just be worth spending $10 if you like simulation/strategy games, getting them all, and not having to worry about going back and adding more to total during the week to get everything.