Star Wars: The Old Republic Monthly Revenue Doubles, Now Lots of People Playing

When BioWare announced that their MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic was transitioning to a free-to-play model, the trolls came out in droves. They screamed, “the sky is falling,” and “see, this isn’t as good as Galaxies — and it deserves to die a horrible death,” and various other factually inaccurate claims. Not many people listened to them, but nevertheless their words were heard by some. But then today happened.

EA’s president of labels, Frank Gibeau, announced today that, since making the jump to F2P, The Old Republic’s monthly revenue has doubled. He also confirmed that the game saw huge growth, increasing by 1.7 million new players. He went on to say that those still opting to pay the premium subscription fee have “stabilized at just under half a million.”

Furthermore, Gibeau mentioned that the game will see new content approximately every six weeks, to keep active players interested and coming back for more. It’s always nice to see a game, that clearly deserves to be successful, reach success. It’s even better when there’s data to combat the snarling trolls that like to destroy stuff simply to watch the world burn. Chalk this one up as a win for Star Wars, The Old Republic and BioWare.