World’s First Donkey Kong Pauline Arcade Cabinet Completed

Remember that article we did a few months back about a Donkey Kong hack that replaced Mario with Pauline, which eventually made front-page national news? How about that time when we thought a physical art version of it was an April Fool’s joke? Well, it turns out we were wrong and the Pauline Art Package actually exists. After just a month in development, the first official Pauline-branded Donkey Kong Cabinet can be seen below. The game features a purple Control Panel Overlay with modified instructions, bezel print and side-art and a marquee showing Mario being grabbed by Donkey. It all looks legitimate and is pretty hilarious — especially if the original cabinet is painted purple.

While I’d never convert my Donkey Kong Cabinet, it’d be a cool thing to have for those with DK variants (like DKII) or with a young daughter like the original modder did. The art set can be picked up for $99.99 at This Old Game.