bit.trip Sale on Steam From Now Until May 20

For the next ten days, you’ll be able to save some money on every bit.trip game available on Steam, including the new Runner 2. Given that it’s the newest game, it gets the lowest discount – but 25% off takes it down to $11, which is still great. BIT.TRIP Beat, Runner, Void, and Core get a 75% savings, taking it down to $2.50, with their game+OST packs only costing $6. A bundle containing every original BIT.TRIP game (so not Runner 2, sadly) and their OSTs will only cost you $12.

TWELVE FRICKING DOLLARS. It’s an amazing value, and while BIT.TRIP Complete for the Wii may be the best way for console-only folks to play these games, their clarity and sharpness pales in comparison on that platform compared to the PC versions. The Wii collection does come with Fate though, which isn’t available on Steam yet, so it’s worth owning for that and its physical OST disc. Anyone who’s been on the fence about these games should at least give the original Runner a shot for $2.50, and if you dig that, you’ll love Runner 2 for $11.