Wolfenstein: The New Order To Shun Multiplayer

Jens Matthies, Creative Director for MachineGames,  the developers of the recently announced Wolfenstein: The New Order, has stated in a recent interview with Gamespot that the newest addition to the Wolfenstein franchise will not feature multiplayer. When asked the reasons behind the decision, Matthies stated that it was to preserve the legacy of the franchise.  Focus on the single player experience can only mean good things especially when we remember the multiplayer in the 2009 game which was nothing short of a disaster.

With Bioshock: Infinite also making the decision to can multiplayer, it seems that many developers are choosing to focus on enhancing engaging single player play rather than tacking on underdeveloped multiplayer modes which detract from the quality of the game. With the previous games abysmal multiplayer having damaged the franchise somewhat (especially in contrast to the brilliant multiplayer found within Return to Castle Wolfenstein), hopefully the focus on single player may help resurrect one of the most legendary FPS for the next generation of consoles.