New Wonder Woman Statue from Infinite Crisis Revealed

DC’s newest game, Infinite Crisis, is a multiple online battle arena type of game where you choose from a number of legendary superheroes to explore an alternate universe. It’s not just the regular cast and crew of the Justice League, however. Even alternative characters can be used, like Atomic Wonder Woman and Mecha Wonder Woman pictured above.


This new statue reveals a gritty side to the world’s number one heroine and will retail for $125 this November. Her hair is tied back and she’s got a little bit of eye black and knee pads — maybe she’s about to play football or maybe she’s just about kick a lot of ass. Why would she use a pole with a concrete chunk on one end and chainsaw at the other? We’ll have to wait for the game to be released during the year. Or, sign up for beta testing right now and you might be able to find out.