Road Redemption Reaches Kickstarter Goal – Stretch Goals Remain

With about two days to spare, Road Redemption‘s main goal of getting funding for a PC release has been reached. That means that if the game’s development goes as planned, folks will be able to play this spiritual successor to Road Rash in August of next year. With $164,000 pledged already, their next goal is XBLA support — that will only cost $14,000 more. Oculus Rift support is a bit pricier – requiring nearly $200,000 to get implemented.

Only low lower tier, the $17 Wii U one, has had all of its slots filled. However, $17 can still give you the option of either a Wii U or XBLA version, while $3 more gets you that and your name etched in the in-game hall of fame. The $20 tier seems to be about the best overall value, since it gets you two versions of the game with the guarantee now that it will at least be made with XBLA support being a near-certainty.