Brand New Set of Pokémon Revealed

This Pokémon update brings us a lot more information on Pokémon X and Y. CoroCoro Comics revealed four new creatures for us to swoon over as we wait for the game’s release. There is a Fighting type panda bear called Yancham, it’s known as the “naughty Pokémon” but come on, look at that face. He’s harmless…until it hits you with an attack! The bird is Yayakoma, the Japanese Robin Pokémon. It’s a Normal/Flying type that can use Flame Charge, which may hint at a future fire evolution. The little guy at the bottom is Elikiteru, an Electric/Normal type. This is the first Pokémon to hold such a combination. And the final one pictured below is Gogoat, a Grass goat-looking guy. It’s known as the Riding Pokémon and guess what? Yes, you can actually ride on it!


There are lots more information on these latest additions to the Pokémon family but let’s talk about some of the other news. Hints of European flare can be found in trailer footage and images. Now we know Karos is the name of this region and it’s based on France. The main location is Miare City, a little can be seen below as the player rides Gogoat around town. Look at Gogoat go! Players can customize their trainers in a few ways; some being hair and skin colors. This is quite groundbreaking since there have never been any options to change your appearance. All details in this batch of Pokémon X and Y news aren’t yet revealed but at the moment it’s all very exciting. We’ll know even more next time!