Techland’s Upcoming Game Hellraid Gets an Official Teaser Trailer

Techland is the Polish video game developer that is best known for the Call of Juarez and Dead Island series. Their new game, Hellraid, recently received its first teaser trailer and it gives us a peak at some actual gameplay footage. Hellraid was originally just a mod created by a Dead Island coder that allowed players to freeze zombies in place before hacking them up into little, pocket-sized zombie pieces. This magic/melee combo proved to be so effective, however, that they spun the concept out into a full title that they have dubbed a “slasher.” What exactly is this made up genre? Well, in their own words:

From the first-person perspective, player will be drawn into the game’s unique fantasy world right from the start to experience an entirely new level of hack & slash action. Our combat system is also far more advanced than simple repetitive clicking as it needs precision and good timing when striking enemies and parrying their attacks while the blood splashes all around – that’s why we use the term slasher.

Whatever they want to call it, the teaser trailer looks promising. The magic/melee combination looks like it works well, and the trailer alternates between showing you hacking up a ghoul with a sword and exploding a skeleton with a well aimed fireball. While the easy comparison would be to Dead Island (considering this is basically the same engine), the glimpses of gameplay shown so far remind me more of the ’90s series Hexen both in terms of gameplay and focus on dark fantasy elements. While the release is still a while out, check out the trailer below for some skeleton bashing goodness.