ANNE Reaches Kickstarter Funding Goal

Much like Road Redemption earlier this week, ANNE has reached its initial funding goal on Kickstarter. Their goal was to get $70,000, but they’ve now received a bit over $72,000, which means they can now begin on getting funding for stretch goals. At $80,000, they’ll release Mac and Linus versions, while $10,000 more gets achievements and a gender swap mode, $10,000 more gets a new game+ mode,  and $115,000 gets an OUYA version, while $10,000 more than that gets a PSN/Vita version, and $25,000 more gets a Wii U incarnation.

A $10 pledge gets you the game, while $5 more gets you that, a wallpaper, and a SNES-style PDF manual. If you’re really digging the game, you can spend $75 to get that plus a the OST, beta access, and an ANNE-branded SNES-style USB pad. ANNE looks like an exciting platformer/shoot-em-up hybrid, so throw some money its way if it seems like something you’ll enjoy.