Indie Royale Mayhem Bundle Launched

The newest Indie Royale bundle sets out to deliver exactly what it says on the virtual tin with the Mayhem Bundle. The current minimum of about $5.50 gets you Burn Zombie Burn!, which shockingly involves burning zombies to a crisp – with an overhead shooter setup. Lucious features less action, but is a horror game, so it offers up more mental mayhem than physical. Plain Sight is a crazy 3D action game with a ton of stuff going on and a lot of bright colors with a unique visual style – and looks like a fun, if crazy fast-paced game. Primal Fears offers up more overhead shooting action, but with a really dark and grimy visual style that is quite a bit different from the lighter-hearted look of BZB.

Alien Shooter 2 has the most generic title of the bunch, and combines a 3/4 overhead isometric view with an action RPG – similar to the original Diablo, complete with graphics that would’ve been at home in 1997. The final game included in this bundle (not counting the unknown bonus game) is Droplitz. It seems a bit odd to have a puzzle game in something called the Mayhem Bundle, but there sure is a lot of…stuff on the screen, so yeah there you go – visual mayhem. This definitely isn’t the best bundle offering yet, but BZB and Plain Sight appear to be worth the $5 easily, so it might be worth spending that to get those and add some more games to your Steam library that you’ll never actually play. If you’d like to get Chipzel’s “Phonetic Symphony” album as a bonus, that will only cost you a bit over $2 than the minimum to get.