Tales of Symphonia to Get an HD Re-Release

Tales of Symphonia was the JRPG to beat on GameCube. It had it all: wonderful characters, a magical world and brilliant combat. Because of these accolades, it’s one of the most pleasing and refined experiences in the genre. Understanding this, as well as the general love for the Tales series that fans seem to have, Namco Bandia recently teased information that eluded to the notion of re-releasing both Symphonia and its Wii sequel, Dawn of the New World, on PlayStation 3 with a high-definition coating of paint slapped on it.

According to sources, further information regarding details like a release date have not been mentioned, nor has this news officially been confirmed yet, though it’s looking pretty likely that this is in fact a thing. So, for the players out there wanting to re-visit Symphonia and its remarkable world, then this could be the perfect opportunity. Better still, if there are folks out there who haven’t played the games at all, then this may be the ideal time to do just that. Now here’s just hoping for a Western release.