Deadpool is Your Wildest Fantasies Come to Life

It’s not too often that comic book characters get their own game — especially not when there isn’t a movie out for one to tie into — and when they do, the games for all intents and purposes suck. In fact, most people can count the number of good comic-related games on one hand whilst the amount of bad ones could fill a warehouse. However, Deadpool, everybody’s favourite Merc with a Mouth, is soon to get his own game, a third person brawler, which seems to be following the in the footsteps of the Batman: Arkham series by actually being a decent game that will delight both gamers and comic fans alike, even if they have little previous knowledge of the character.


Right off the bat it seems that High Moon Studios understands exactly what makes Deadpool so popular with zany, humorous gameplay that firmly has its tongue planted firmly in cheek and promises to be a significantly different experience from what gamers are used to. With fourth wall gags, writing from definitive Deadpool writer Daniel Way and solid voice acting from Nolan North, it’s clear that this is the game that fans have been waiting for. As Deadpool, you will be sent to kill a corrupt media mogul whose television channel produces what can only be described as the worst of modern television. Meanwhile, Mister Sinister is scouring Genosha to find Mutant DNA for use in his armies. Along the way there will be many cameos and appearances from fan favorites including Cable, Wolverine and Psylock and you can be sure that there will be plenty of in-jokes to keep fans of the comics happy.  Indeed, it’s clear that Deadpool is certainly going to be a love letter for fans of the character and players will be given the chance to truly become the character just as they’ve always wanted.

This humorous tone will also be carried over to the gameplay, with the player able to utilize a whole range of weapons in addition to Deadpool’s iconic swords and guns, most of which will have unique lines for their use, giving the player an incentive to experiment with killing. There is also the option to approach situations using stealth or to go in guns blazing, thus allowing the player to choose just how they want to tackle the enemies within the game. Healing factors when carried over to games often disappoint with a tendency to be severely underpowered, but Deadpool is making significant efforts to avert this by allowing players to choose whether to re-attach dismembered limbs or to try and let them grow back, a truly unique way of character healing and one that is sure to delight fans with its faithfulness to the comics in which Deadpool often loses a limb or two in the course of his adventures.


Soon to be released on all current generation consoles on June 25, Deadpool will be an experience that offers laughs, thrills and plenty of blood to create the game that fans have been waiting for. With developers who love the source material, you can be sure that the game will serve as nothing less than the comics brought to life and might just be one of the surprise hits of the year. If you’re looking for a game unlike anything you’ve played before and with the utmost love behind it, then be sure to mark Deadpool on your calendar as a must buy.