Have a Taste of Time and Eternity Gameplay

Time and Eternity is a rather beautiful looking and unique playing RPG from Imageepoch, creators of Arc Rise Fantasia and Black Rock Shooter: The Game, but with all the talk about next-gen, it’s getting somewhat lost in the background. NIS America is looking to change that with a new trailer that shows off the various gameplay elements the game possesses.

This trailer is rather interesting in the fact that almost all of the content is focused on the combat system. Very few times do we see anything other than the backside of Toki’s head. Not saying it’s a bad thing as we get to learn about the battle system, but as the second “Official Trailer,” it does little to hype the game up. Regardless, Time and Eternity will be out in North America on July 16, 2013 and will include very vibrant anime-inspired visuals.