PS Store Update Goes Live

In a somewhat shocking move, the PS Store update has gone live mid-day in the east coast, meaning that a variety of deals and new content can be enjoyed earlier than expected. This week is a bit of a lean week as far as amazing stuff, but Knytt Underground is this week’s free PS Plus game, and activates on both the Vita and PS3 thanks to Cross Buy. Plus members can also get 20% off of Metro: Last Light, taking its price down to $48, or you can pre-order GRiD 2 for $54.  DUST 514 goes from a free beta to full-fledged free to play game today, and Star Wars Pinball is out for $10 on the PS3 and Vita. The latter system’s owners can enjoy a demo of it for free.

Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny can be had for $30, but sadly doesn’t come with any kind of discount for Plus members. The PS2 Classics section gets an upate in the form of Manhunt, while folks who got Sleeping Dogs for free via PS Plus can enjoy 50% savings on all of its nine billion pieces of DLC. Sound Shapes gets some interesting DLC for a dollar each in the form of the ’80s sound pack and dubstep sound pack, while RPG fans wanting something a bit dark can get Persona 3 as a PS2 classic for $5 – down from $10. It’s one of the best RPGs on a system full of great ones, so definitely get it at that price if you don’t already own it.