Groupees Be Mine Bundle 8 Launches

The eighth Be Mine Bundle has been released. Groupees has put together some good bundles in the past, and now, for a minimum of $1, you can get Patrician IV, Fairly Bloom Freesia, Paranautical Activity, and highly-acclaimed Slam Bolt Scrappers. You’ll also get DLC for Patrician IV, a MEEMS album, and the OST for Fairy Bloom Freesia. $5 gets you Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition, Constant C, and Drakensang, with two mystery games unlocking at some point. When 8,000 bundles are sold, which will definitely occur since they’re 97% of the way there now, you’ll unlock RADical ROACH – a shoot-em-up.

At $1, it’s easy to recommend this for Slam Bolt Scrappers , but the higher-tiered games don’t seem all that appealing, but Constant C may be worth buying if you dig puzzle-platformers. Everything in the bundle but Constant C and Paranautical Activity unlocks on Steam.