Massive Amazon PC Download Sale Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow, PC gamers will be able to snag some of the best deals of the year as Amazon discounts dozens of games. I’m not kidding folks – there’s a shocking amount of savings to be had. This CAG thread goes through everything, with some highlights being the Sega Fun Pack, containing Hell Yeah, its DLC, Jet Set Radio, Nights, Renegade Ops, its DLC, and The Cave for a mere $10 – down from $81. Every Assassin’s Creed game, but the third one, is on sale – which that game’s DLC is heavily discounted. A Prince of Persia 4-pack will only set you back $12, and Binary Domain will only be $6.50. The Ultimate Dreamcast Pack will only be $8.50 – the same price as the Sega 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack with tons of Genesis classics on it.

A bundle with Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 1 GOTY Edition will only be $20, and the Alice: Madness Returns Complete Collection will only set you back $7.50.  Battlefield 3’s basic game will be $10, while its Premium version will be $25. The basic versions of Mass Effect 1 and 2 will be $5, and ME 3 will only set you back $6. Tons of Tom Clancy-branded stuff will also be on sale, with a couple of games being in the $2.50 range, including HAWX 1 and 2, and the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter games. As the thread indicates, there are already some fairly major sales already going on, including LA Noire: Complete and GTA IV: Complete for $15 each, while Manunt 1 is $5 and its sequel is $7.50.