Quick Update on Latest Pokémon News

Recently, we brought you details on Pokémon X and Y including its new monsters and region. The last article contains Japanese names, but now we’ve learned their translations. helioptile

Helioptile, the Normal/Electric lizard, can generate electricity by sunbathing. It’s a walking solar panel with a powerful attack known as Parabolic Charge which damages anything nearby and even heals Helioptile. Its name derives from helios, the Greek word for sun.


That tough-looking panda’s name is Pancham. It’s most likely a combination of panda and champion, since it is a Fighting type. It has a new move called Parting Shot, which lowers an opponent’s Attack and Special Attack stats and then even switches Pancham out for another party member.


Gogoat’s English name is…Gogoat. It’s pretty self-explanatory, you’ve got a goat that goes places. This Grass type is huge and even allows trainers to ride atop its back. If you’re ever tired of running around, just catch a Gogoat. It can learn Horn Leech, an attack previously exclusive to last generation’s Sawsbuck.


Yayakoma, the tiny bird, is now known as Fletchling. It’s most likely the standard Normal/Flying Pokémon found early in the game. Its name is more clever than it may appear. A fletch is the stabilizer on the back of an arrow, usually feathers. This clue gives Fletchling hopes of being a strong and fast bird, despite its tiny stature.


We’ve also learned about the new region now known as Kalos. It is shaped like a star with large structures at each point. The land is filled with many forests and industrial locations. The city at the center of Kalos is Lumiose City, it’s a bustling place filled with Pokémon and humans living together. At the center of Lumiose City is a tower reaching high into the sky, that will become an iconic fixture in the game. Watch for more information in the video below and let us know what you’re looking forward to when Pokémon X and Y are released in October.