First Screenshots of Fairy Fencer F

Looking past the ridiculous name, Compile Heart has opened their official Fairy Fencer F website, and along with it, the game’s first screenshots. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, this is a Playstation 3 exclusive RPG from the creators of the Hyperdimension Neputnia franchise and Mugen Souls. The game will feature beautiful anime-inspired character designs and a world full of dangerous creatures.

One thing you’ll notice in the screenshots is that, like many small Japanese RPG companies such as Idea Factory and Gust, the character models are the central focus while the backgrounds look rather dull. While it’s still too early to judge the game, if the screenshots are any indication of Fencer F’s graphical quality, then expect to see lopsided visuals. Regardless, the graphical flaws can be overlooked by Compile Heart’s ability to create some charming turn-based RPGs. Fairy Fencer F will be out in Japan later this year, with no official confirmation in the West.