The List of Game Gear Titles Coming to Virtual Console

Earlier we reported on Nintendo and Sega’s “worldwide partnership”, and that part of this new marriage means Sega will be releasing a copious amount of Game Gear titles for Nintendo’s Virtual Console. At the time of the announcement, a full list of the specific games was not made available, however, that’s not the case anymore. Below is the compilation of titles folks can expect to get their hands on in due time, as announced by Nintendo themselves.

  • Columns
  • Crystal Warriors
  • Defenders of Oasis
  • Dr. Robotnik‚Äôs Mean Bean Machine
  • G-LOC: Air Battles
  • Shining Force II: The Sword of Hajya
  • Sonic Blast
  • Sonic Drift 2
  • Sonic Labyrinth
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2
  • Tails Adventure
  • Vampire: Master of Darkness

If you’re not excited about half of those games, then you’re clearly not a real gamer. That being said, perhaps what we personally are most glad about is the fact that we won’t have to go through 98 double-A batteries just to finish Shining Force II now. Thanks, Nintendo and Sega, for making that possible.