The Wonderful 101 Gets a Release Date

Platinum Games’ upcoming Wii U title The Wonderful 101 is sure to be a sleeper hit at the very least. While many fans have been anticipating it for quite some time, the title has more or less been shrouded in a bit of mystery since its announcement. Sure, it’s been shown off here and there, but a lot of details have been drip-fed to us. One of those pieces of information has been the game’s release date. Initially the title was talked about being available at launch, then it was moved to a “launch window” release, but obviously both of those times have come and gone, and we are still without the it.

Fortunately, Nintendo broke their silence and revealed that the game will be released on August 23 in Europe and on September 15 in North America. Iwata stated that more details on the game will be made available gradually, in the time leading up to its launch. In the meantime, however, scope the boxart that Amazon just posted for the game.