Animal Crossing Gets a Fresh Start this June

Nintendo’s tiny town simulator franchise released a game for three different consoles in North America; first on GameCube, then DS and Wii. Animal Crossing has not seen as much success since the title initially launched, but with the upcoming release of  Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the brand is looking to do just that–turn over a new leaf.

So, you want to go fishing and catch bugs but you don’t want to leave home? That is not a problem since you can partake in those activities straight from your Nintendo 3DS. And they aren’t the only classic means of fun making a comeback. You still get to decorate a home provided by Tom Nook and go off meeting all your new animal neighbors.


Even though everything is familiar, it’s all been updated even more. Now, 72 insects and 60 fish are out there for you to find. A variety of fruits can be planted allowing you to have exotic orchards. K.K. Slider is back with a new role as a DJ and Kapp’n’s old creaky boat has been upgraded to a motorized one. In New Leaf, player characters are taller, giving them a more human-like appearance. You can customize every outfit head-to-toe. Then, take a relaxing swim in the ocean. The actual storyline for New Leaf  starts with players living out of a tent until they buy a home. Day after day you’ll be working together with the animal folk to make the town a better place for all to enjoy. You become the mayor of your own little village and get decide how most of it is run and laid out.


There is a lot more to take in. New Leaf promises to change the way you play the franchise. You can play by yourself on the go like in Wild World and even visit other towns over WiFi. If more people come to visit, the town changes in slight ways to accommodate them. It appears like the main focus is to stay connected with other players by offering new forms of entertainment over the WiFi. The game offers more new features than any incarnation before it, and since it’s been available in Japan since November, there are many worlds already for you to discover. The game comes to North America on June 9, the same day as an exclusive special edition Animal Crossing-themed 3DS. Pick it up and turn it on for months, even years, of fun.