Killzone: Mercenary Gets a New Release Date, Pre-Order Bonuses

Earlier this week, we reported on Killzone: Mercenaries for the Vita and how it was scheduled to be released September 17. In what is not in any way surprising news, they’ve changed the release date. In what is slightly surprising news, they’re moving it in the direction you normally don’t expect. For whatever reason, the release date has been pushed…up? Is that a thing? Whatever you want to call it, the anticipated release date has been moved a week earlier to September 10. The reason behind this change isn’t known, but Sony confirmed the alteration yesterday on its blog.

The new release date wasn’t the only bit of news related to Killzone: Mercenaries, as Sony also revealed the pre-order bonus for early supporters. Dubbed “Blackjack’s Briefcase”, it comes with double experience in multiplayer for two days and an in-game cash bonus. U.S. gamers who pre-order at GameStop will also receive an exclusive weapon for use in both multiplayer and campaign mode.

We’ll keep you updated as more announcements are made for Killzone: Mercenaries, just on the off chance that Sony changes its mind again and decides to release the game tomorrow.