Trion Worlds Fires a Bunch of People and Sucks At Fractions

Trion Worlds, known for their massively multiplayer online games like Defiance and Rift, took a pretty big hit to their staff this week. First reported by IGN, sources claimed that not only had a majority of the staff been sacked, but that some people weren’t taking the sacking too well.  Some employees were said to have been escorted out while others were denied severance pay because of undelivered services. This was the second large exodus of staff within the past six months, as forty members of the team got the boot last December. But hey, Trion Worlds wants to remind us it actually wasn’t that big of a deal because we’ve got all the facts totally wrong!

IGN had initially cited sources claiming between half and four-fifths of the staff had been laid off, but Trion Worlds contacted GamesRadar to say, hey, no way that totally isn’t true. They clarified and informed GamesRadar that up to half of the company was not affected by the reduction, which makes me feel a lot better. Here I was, worried that more than half of the staff had been laid off, so its good to know that Trion Worlds says that half or less of the staff was not laid off.

…hey, wait a minute.


If I said, “This glass of milk is somewhat more than half empty,” you can’t come back and scream at me, “YOU FILTHY LIAR THAT GLASS IS UP TO HALF FULL!”

Some more concrete numbers from Trion Worlds would eliminate the needless speculation, but as of yet they’ve only given vague answers about the number of staff lost. They did further clarify that no one had to be escorted from the building and no one was being denied severance pay, but it still sounds kind of grim for the Trion Worlds team. Regardless of how they want to spin it, a lot of people lost their jobs (including the guy who was responsible for knowing about fractions, apparently).