Sony Teases PS4’s Design

When Sony officially announced the Playstation 4, everyone was baffled that they didn’t reveal the box with it. While they don’t think the system design is the prime focus (which I somewhat agree), people have been begging to know what they will have in their living rooms six months from now. Sony has released a video today with a blurry box image, teasing the pending announcement at E3.

To be honest, they should really just stop beating around the bush. I’m more than aware that this is well-timed with Microsoft’s announcement tomorrow, but stop teasing the thing and show it already. They should have revealed it back in February, whether it was a prototype or not, but releasing a tease video is not something they should be┬áconcentrating┬átheir time with. Regardless, expect the system itself to be shown on June 10 during their press conference, or most likely see it leaked just prior.