Panopticon is Freedom Wars; Vita Exclusive

Last week, SCEJ published a mysterious trailer for a game that featured wonderfully rendered 3D anime characters in what looked like a futuristic Death Note setting. Originally dubbed Panopticon, many jumped at the opportunity to claim this was a Playstation 4 game (mainly because the official announcement was set for the day Microsoft would unveil their next console), but that’s unfortunately not the case.

Now titled Freedom Wars, which I must say is a more generic and boring name, this third person action title will be hitting the Playstation Vita exclusively and will have a strong emphasis on online multiplayer. While i’m sure many are disappointed that this isn’t the first killer app for the PS4, the Vita is in serious need of more original content, and something like this could help boost lackluster sales. Featuring 8-player “Recovery” multiplayer combat, Freedom Wars will be out sometime in 2014.