Xbox One Pad Gets Inspiration From OUYA Pad


There’s the new Xbox One pad, and as you can see, it’s got a new bumper and trigger setup. It may look quite jarring compared to the designs used for the 360 and original Xbox pad, but it’s shockingly similar to the OUYA pad. How similar? This similar.


The trigger/bumper setup is nearly identical and uses the same inward curve for the sticks – which actually resemble the redesigned 360’s power button. This may seem weird in theory, but in execution, it’s actually quite comfortable. On the OUYA pad, the buttons feel very natural – so it isn’t tempting to just have one finger resting on top and alternating. You’re able to have your index finger on the bumper and middle finger on the trigger easily and they fit each one perfectly.


The Xbox One pad features a new d-pad that appears to just be the retractable one from the newer 360 pads. Given that it got rave reviews, that’s probably a good move since the original pad made precise movement for 2D games a bit of a chore. The redone shape on the sticks is also new for the Xbox line, and features ribs on the side to add texture and prevent finger slippage.


The face buttons have the same overall shape as the 360’s, but with the PS3’s look of having the button name colored instead of the whole button. That was one thing that helped set the Xbox controllers apart, so it feels like the brand is losing a bit of its identity with this move, but not much. The guide button being on top will take a bit of time to get used to, but that placement seems better than where it is now, since you wind up hitting it more than you’d like.

Now, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting it while trying to press a crucial button since it’s nowhere near them. Instead of start and back buttons, we’ve got a pair of buttons without a purpose named for them yet. The pad looks pretty good so far, but it’s hard to not worry about the little nubs on the sides of the sticks rubbing off over time. On the 360 pad (or Dreamcast one, to be fair), the loss of the little nubs can make accurate movement a lot harder, although since it’s rubberized, at least it won’t be as bad as the DC’s plastic one losing all grip.