Best of PSN Volume 1 Disc Announced

When Vikings Attack!, Sound Shapes, Tokyo Jungle, and Fat Princess are coming to retail on June 25. At a price point of $40, you’ll be able to save about $15 off of each game’s PSN price assuming you want every game included. However, the Vita versions of Sound Shapes and WVA aren’t included, making this less of a value and while the games can be installed to the hard drive, the disc will still be required for them to run. They also don’t come with DLC, meaning that you’re saving a bit of money to…have games take up physical space, possibly hard drive space, and not even getting DLC.

This release is definitely a way to get these games exposed to more casual PS3 owners, but it’s easily the worst value of any of these Collection sets yet. Journey’s CE included OSTs and even commentaries, while the God of War Collection gave you an entire epic game series – albeit with a couple of games being voucher-only. Honestly, while Sound Shapes and Tokyo Jungle are amazing, you’re better off getting those during one of the many sales run throughout the year on PSN – where you’ll probably be able to get bonus content at a discounted rate too.