Phantom Breaker: Extra Announced for Current Gen Consoles

Phantom Breaker was a 2D fighter that never made it out of the East. As an Xbox 360 exclusive in Japan, the manga-esque brawler from developer 5pb was supposed to land in North America last summer thanks to publisher 7Sixty, but never quite materialized. Even though it failed to reach our shores, it sure enough spawned an XBLA beat’em up title that did. While Battle Grounds was a fantastic game in its own right, it wasn’t exactly the fighter that had excited fans when the announcement first broke that Phantom Breaker would indeed come to the West.

Regardless of the spin-off title, and the fact that the original game seemingly got stuck in Japan, the developers announced today that they plan to release an ultimate edition of Phantom Breaker for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This new version, entitled Phantom Breaker: Extra, is thought to be some kind of definitive edition of the original game and is rumored to launch sometime this year. At this moment, more concrete details, along with a North American announcement, have yet to be revealed. But for fans who have been wanting to play the game — and are not willing to wait for it to be localized or import a Japanese 360 for the original title — then the region-free PS3 version may be the way to go. Be sure to check back as more information comes in.