Sony gets OCD with Gran Turismo 6

With Polyphony Digital’s dedicated drive and precision in crafting the ultimate automobile racing simulator for over 16 years, the next iteration for the Gran Turismo series is finally making its way back into the spotlight. However, according to a JCEO of Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe, the next installment won’t be moving along with Sony next-gen console for the time being.

CEO Jim Ryan casually noted the move to keep Gran Turismo 6  PS3 bound lied in keeping the tradition of having two Gran Turismo titles per Playstation console. Breaking that tradition didn’t seem to mesh well with the idea of not having enough install units to back up the development.

“You had GT1 and GT2 on PS One; GT3 and GT4 on PS2; then there’s GT5 on PS3 and a space next to it. The difference between Gran Turismo and GT2 is unbelievable, but they’re both on the same platform,” Ryan said

Call it OCD if you want, but the success of the GT franchise is a high hitter in sales, with each installment hitting big numbers upon initial release and there are a lot of vehiclophiles who enjoy Sony’s satiable taste for ‘close to the real thing’ of car racing as opposed to playing any version of Mario Kart. With that said, the move makes sense considering that Sony has already made plans to allow for Evolution Studio’s DriveClub to be released as one of PS4’s launch titles, as it would caters to the same sim-racing audience.


And that’s where Gran Turismo 6 comes in, which is set to have 33 tracks with 71 different layouts, about 1200 plus cars to choose from; a car enthusiasts wet dream.  With GT6 sticking to the PS3, sales for Sony will skyrocket.

It’s almost like a prophecy: an in-house developing team releasing an in-house game under an in-house console while allowing for another title to make it’s way towards a next gen in-house console. The result? Sony gets a lot of in-house Benjamin’s, bruh. A-freaking-lot.

Polyphony Digital President Kazunori Yamauchi notes that plans for the release of a PS4 version of the game is, however, being considered. However, they’re  sporting a ‘take it slow’ approach for now.

“For this holiday season we thought that it would be best for users to release the PS3 version,” Kazunori said. “I thought the best scenario would be for the game to come out, and we’re planning to have new content, and DLC every few months.”

Start your engines, Gran Turismo 6 will be burning rubber on PS3 this holiday season.