Joe Danger Rides onto PC Later This Year

Coming well after its release on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Hello Games’ beloved stuntman will be transitioning onto Windows PCs. Considering its independent roots, we’re actually a bit surprised it took Joe this long to make his way onto the platform. This won’t be a direct port though as Sean Murray, Founder of Hello Games, has a rule at his company where they “can’t just do a quick and dirty port.” They will be adding new levels, enhanced visual settings, Steam big picture mode, and of course mouse & keyboard controls alongside gamepad support.

“Actually, PC is Joe Danger’s spiritual home,” Murray added. “I coded my first ever PC engine when we started making the original Joe Danger back in 2009, because we couldn’t get hold of console devkits. So it’s incredibly exciting to be finally able to release it.”

Here’s hoping the PC version will improve those excruciating load times, as well.¬†Expect to see Joe Danger’s first two games flip their way onto Steam later this year.