Meet the Newest Xbox One Exclusive: Ryse

One of the few pieces of good news coming out of the Xbox One reveal press conference was that their television/fantasy sports machine would also play games. And, beyond that, it would have 15 exclusive titles within the first year of launch with many of those being entirely new IP. The reveal itself was relatively light on gaming news, presumably because Microsoft is saving all the big announcements for E3. A handful of titles were quickly confirmed including a Thief reboot, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty: For the Love of All That Is Good Please Don’t Kill That Dog. With the exception of a minute of footage from Quantum Break, however, very little was known about the Xbox One exclusives. However, that all changed with the announcement of Ryse, the newest exclusive for Xbox One because…well, I guess we still don’t really know much.

The site for Ryse tells you that it will be an Xbox One exclusive, and that’s about it. It is made by the same people who do the Crysis series, so even with this minimal information these is some cause to be excited. You can check out the E3 Debut trailer from 2011, but you really don’t see much gameplay outside of a man flailing around desperately at his television. A couple of years have passed since then, so who knows how much of that will be kept for the final version of the game. The website itself says it is a “controller based game enhanced by Kinect” so it is entirely possible that the desperate flailing will be kept to an absolute minimum. More information will be made available in XVII days according to the site, and we’ll keep you updated as more details are made known.