Neo Geo X Games Officially Set for June 25, Mega Pack Announced

After at least three posts announcing a delay of the Neo Geo X Volumes, they finally have a release date. And also another delay — but a firm release date. On June 25, Tommo will finally release Neo Geo Classics Volumes I-V. Additionally, it was announced that a “Mega Pack” will be available that compiles the 15 games from all five volumes and one ROCKET cable housed in a single case. Retailing for $79.99, the Mega Pack comes at a discount ($5.33 per game) as each volume retails for $25 ($8.33 per game or $125 total). It’s a nice option for those who want every game, as they’ll save $45, not have 4 unnecessary cables and have all fifteen games on one card. The downside is that you won’t get multiple nice-looking AES style snaplock cases, revealed today and pictured below.

Additionally, the much-touted Update 1.0 was detailed and will include fixes to audio, control inputs, video enhancements and the ability to save game data for existing and upcoming games.