Shin Megami Tensei IV Gets A Second English Gameplay Trailer

Earlier this month, we got our first peak at a Shin Megami Tensei IV gameplay trailer and it looked pretty excellent. Even though we’re still over a month and a half away from its release date, we must have been good because Atlus gave us a nice Memorial Day weekend present. A second English gameplay trailer was uploaded to their YouTube page on Thursday, and it gives us a little more insight into the game itself. We catch a glimpse of the main character recruiting a demon to his cause by telling him he has happiness in his hand (possibly a Cadbury Creme Egg?) and we even get a peak at some sexy demon fusing.

Atlus seems to be giving us little teases at a fairly regular interval now, and there will presumably be even more information leaked as we get closer to its July 16 release date. For now, check out the trailer below and learn the way of the samurai.