Armikrog. Doug TenNaple. Kickstarter. Donate!

Doug TenNapel has been quietly working towards a return to gaming for several months now, and the Kickstarter has finally gone live today.  Armikrog. (the period is part of the title) is a spiritual successor to The Neverhood, fully claymated in TenNapel’s unmistakable style.  I don’t like hyperbole and am not very fond of predicting the future, but — It’s going to be glorious!

If it isn’t obvious, this is hardly an unbiased recommendation.  My train of thought was to see Doug TenNapel doing a new claymation adventure game, donate $20, then watch the video and read more about the project.  When the person responsible for Earthworm Jim, The Neverhood, and Skullmonkeys wants to create something new (that isn’t Boombots) I’m going to be there with cash in hand.  Judging by the speed of the donations, which has risen by $5,000 since I starter writing this article, I’m not alone.

While it’s off to a good start, the final goal of $900,000 is going to take a little effort to achieve.  Check out the video below, and if you like what you see then there’s only one logical course of action-  Join us!