Capsule Computers Indie Bundle in a Box Released

The newest Bundle in a Box has been released, and gives you a lot of games for very little money. For as little as $2, you can get Super Tower Rush, Hacker Evolution Untold, Pixelry, Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, Blackwell Convergence, and Blackwell Deception. Everyone who spends the minimum will get OSTs for Super Tower Rush, Secret of the Magic Crystals, and Pixelry and artwork for Hamlet, and wallpapers for Pixelry and Super Tower Rush.

Spending more than the average of $4.02 gets you Hamlet (a point and click game, not a play), Hacker Evolution Duality, Hacker Evolution, and Secret of the Magic Crystals. Everything is a DRM-free download except for Hamlet, which is just available as a Steam key. Everything but Hamlet and Secret of the Magic Crystals also unlocks on Desura, while everything in the beat the average tier can be unlocked on Steam, as can everything in the $2 tier except for Super Tower Rush and Pixelry. Additionally, buyers will also gain access to the alpha version of Lune – a stunning puzzle that lets you play as the moon. Sadly, no Mooninites are included.