DARK Looking to Miss its Release Window

Perhaps fitting for a stealth-action game about sneaking around in the shadows, DARK has silently been delayed numerous times. The game has never had an concrete release date, with the first window simply being “2013” and eventually Q2 2012. The tentative date that was frequently listed was June 11, but now it’s looking like the M-rated vampire game will not come out until at least June 28th on PC and later on consoles. Although no formal announcement was made, the PC release date has been shifted to June 28th on Steam, while the 360 version is now slated for September 7 according to Amazon and July 9 according to GameStop. As Q2 ends when June does, unless the Steam date is correct (which is unlikely), it’s looking like DARK will miss its release window.

The game certainly does exist, however, and has been shown off at GDC, E3 2012 and private meetings. Although it’s not expected to set the world on fire, it’s odd for a release date of a major platform retail game to be so up in the air so close to its long-touted release window.