Darkwood Meets Funding Goals With a Week Left

We’ve been following Darkwood pretty closely, because we sort of have a thing for stylized, atmospheric games. It has been in the midst of an IndieGogo campaign as the guys over at Acid Wizard Studios didn’t have the funds to finish off Darkwood. People who have been following its progress (like me) got some good news yesterday as they met their IndieGogo goal of $40,000 with a over a week remaining in its campaign. It doesn’t have an anticipated release date yet, but the good news is that it will have one eventually, something that most likely would not have happened if they couldn’t get the necessary funding.

There still is plenty of time to get involved in the campaign if you want to, and the $10 price for the DRM free version of the game is promised to be cheaper than what the cost will be when the game is actually released. If you want any extras, the price starts to jump up significantly and $120 for a physical copy of the game seems somewhat unreasonable. Unfortunately, both the early bird specials have already been snatched up, so you will be paying full price for whatever you want. With a week left, a lot of stretch goals are still within reach, including DLC and a new game plus option. The $150,000 needed for multiplayer is probably not going to happen, but that might be for the best considering they didn’t seem to have any idea what they wanted to do with that yet in our interview with Acid Wizard Studio.