New Sidequest Discovered in Final Fantasy IX More Than a Decade After Release

First off, Final Fantasy IX is now almost thirteen years old. Feel free to reminisce about the time you bought it at Electronics Boutique and realize just how old you are.

More importantly though, despite the fact that the game would be entering high school next year, it appears that one of the best Final Fantasy games still has some secrets to share. First reported by GameFAQs user The_Kusabi_, there is a completely optional and exceptionally well hidden sidequest that somehow has gone unnoticed by the rapid completionists that love turning over every nook and cranny in an RPG. On disc 4, you can talk to two of the Nero brothers in Lindblum and watch them run off as they look for Cinna and Marcus. After completing specific objectives, you can go back and find additional brothers looking for the brothers that just left. After Zidane meets the ninth and final brother in this insane family tree, you can go inside the house and find a chest containing a protect ring. The fact that an entire sidequest has remained hidden this long is mind blowing, but probably a result of the official strategy guide being incomplete (and terrible). A Youtube video confirming this sidequest has already been put up, proving that for once the Internet did not fall victim to an elaborate hoax (Aeris can be brought to life by following these simple twenty seven steps? I’d be stupid not to try!)

To be fair, Square-Enix had published this secret in its Final Fantasy IX Ultimania released waaaaaay back in 2002 so this is less like discovering some as of yet unknown super hidden quest, and more along of the times when Europeans “discovered” America even though a bunch of people already knew about it. Still, the guide never saw a release in North America or Europe and somehow a translation never found its way to any of the Final Fantasy IX enthusiasts out there until very recently, leaving this sidequest basically unknown to most Western gamers. Any one out there with a 100% file (which is now a “100%” file) now has a very good reason to good boot up one of the best RPGs the PlayStation has to offer. Again.